ArteSana’s Approach

Handmade with Intention.

“Artesana” means female artisan in Spanish and this word also contains two words within it: Arte meaning “art” and Sana meaning “heals”. 

In a world where we are surrounded by the mass produced, I wished to go back to the beginning of my path and re-start again making what I love.

Handicrafts, the beauty of nature and knowledge sharing, are the things that resonate deep within me.

With this in mind, I created my artisan brand in 2019: ArteSana Handmade Designs.

“Passionate about handicrafts
and inspired by collecting
beautiful things from nature,
I have been crocheting,
designing and producing
gemstone wire work jewellery
for many years, in Argentina,
in France and now in Luxembourg.”

la meta es el camino

Since I was a child, I have been captivated by the shapes, patterns, and luminous sparkle of stones. I remember looking forward to Sundays, it was the day my parents prepared the “mate” (a traditional South American indigenous herbal beverage), and we would go together with my brother to “al parque”. This family ritual of every Sunday, was at an old airport in Posadas, a beautiful city in the North of Argentina. Nearby, there was a shop there, with beautiful stones (called geodes) of different shapes and colours. It was, without a doubt, my favorite place in the world. I could dedicate countless hours, contemplating the beauty of those stones that carry the memory of the creation of the world, a fusion of minerals and elements of Mother Nature.

As time went by, I learned to find geodes on the paths of the red earth roads. We broke them with a hammer, and a piece of rock would become two halves, full of small quartz crystals sparkling the colours of the rainbow.

From north to south, from east to west, I traveled and gathered, with the permission of Pachamama, little pieces of land full of light, shapes, colours, and textures. They gradually became my personal treasure of memories and experiences: amethysts, quartz, rocks, branches, flowers, and seeds that I collected from lakes, rivers, seas and mountains. In my hands, these objects spontaneously mutated into ornaments, miniature paintings, amulets, or rough stones that when polished, became beautiful crystalline agates.

I loved washing the stones with rainwater and then, put them into the sunlight. Those were moments of calm and simplicity, I took time to observe them and discovered shapes of landscapes, faces, and trees within.

As a teenager, I discovered the “Ferias Artesanales” in Buenos Aires. I used to love spending hours observing, appreciating every conversation, every discovery of the craft and gemstone world. I loved seeing how each craftsman, especially goldsmiths, skilfully and passionately captured the distinctiveness of each creation, attending to even the finest details with meticulous delicacy. 

All of the creations displayed on this website have been designed and handcrafted in Luxembourg.

Over the time, I fell in love with this universe impregnated with magic, stones that came from all corners of the world and inspired me to travel: moonstone, green tourmaline, black tourmaline, sunstone, garnet, ruby, pyrite, onyx, aquamarine, emerald, obsidian, tiger’s eye… Step by step, I became fascinated by their qualities, characteristics and symbolism.

My free times became a space of freedom, creation, and learning: ceramics, woodwork, painting, calligraphy, weaving, crochet, plant-based dyes, batik, dried flowers, and finally, different jewellery-making techniques. An activity that fascinated me and one that I have never abandoned from that time to the present. 

This is how ArteSana Handmade Designs was born, as a form of gratitude and reconnection with Mother Earth and her creative energy. Because creating and making unique pieces of jewellery comes naturally to me. With each creation, I enjoy every moment of the process: from the selection of the gems to the preparation of an harmonious design that invites my hands to take action. It is there where I put my intention, concentration, and a vibration full of love so that each composition becomes something unique and inspiring. 

My purpose is to offer handmade jewellery to embrace your inner-beauty, providing that special and unique touch that will complement your authenticity.
By showing our own authenticity, we become the artisans of our life, and contribute with our grain of sand, to a better world.

With love & light,

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Nice Words


“Les bijoux ArteSana sont à l’image de sa créatrice : délicats, élégants et chargés d’histoire. Chaque création faite montre de son savoir-faire et de son amour infini pour le fait-main.”


“Dem Veronica seng Bijouxen si wonnerschéin a mat Léift gemach. Hatt schafft mat schéinen Edelsténg, et kann ee bäi him net nëmmen schéi Bijouxen kafen, hat hëllt sech och gaer Zäit fir Bijouxen ze reparéieren an ze transforméieren. Et kann ee sech och Sténg oder Paerlen raussichen a sech ee bestëmmten Design wënschen.”


“J’ai enfin trouvé cette merveilleuse boutique de contes de fées: ArteSana.
Ses bijoux sont unique, fait avec un excellent choix de pierres.
Je suis très contente avec les magnifiques bijoux de Verònica et ses bonnes connaissances de pierres précieuses et de lithothérapie. Je trouve toujours les bijoux qui vont avec ce que je cherche à chaque moment.”


“Durant l’été 2021, j’ai découvert dans la Grand Rue une boutique qui offrait l’artisanat, plus précisément des bijoux fait-main en pierres semi-précieuses ainsi que des créations de crochet.
J’ai beaucoup apprécié cette boutique qui offrait une gamme de produits différente de celles offertes par les boutiques de la Ville”.
Le savoir-faire et la créativité de Veronica permet à ses clients de découvrir l’artisanat et de se former lors des workshops créatifs. ”


“De très belles créations! Je suis très contente avec mon bracelet et mes boucles d’oreilles.”


“I am stunned by how beautiful the pieces of jewellery are! I absolutely love them. They are made so carefully, and are just stunning. They have straight away become my most loved and special pieces of jewellery. Thank you so much for your love, care and skill that you have put into them. Also the way your packaged it all and your lovely note in there, I could just feel your love and care that you poured into it. I am so delighted and feel like I have receives something I will love and enjoy forever. Bless you!”


“L’atelier bijoux organisé par Verónica était super ! Grâce à sa patience et à son savoir-faire, nous sommes reparties avec de très belles créations et la tête pleine de souvenirs.”


“Je suis trės contente de mes “étoiles” et elles sont trės admirées par mon entourage.”