A special occasion to learn how to design and make a timeless jewellery piece with gemstones.

Because you don’t necessarily need a special occasion to offer to yourself a creative moment between friends. Get in touch and discover the artist that is inside you!

Awaken your creativity

Join us to learn more about gemstones & wire wrapped jewellery.

This workshop is perfect for any beginners who have an interest in jewellery making, or simply want to handcraft a personalised jewellery piece specially for their loved ones.
No experience is required at all!

The workshop lasts around 2 hours and each participant makes a minimalist and timeless gemstone bracelet. You will discover the basic tools, the artisan wire work and the healing properties of gemstones.

In this DIY workshop, you will enjoy being part of the creative world with Verónica.
She will guide you (step by step) how to make your own jewellery, and choose the right stone for you.

In this workshop you will learn that semi-precious and precious gems are much more than just a colourful addition to your jewellery.

Important details


You fix the date and time.


I come to your adress.


2 hours.


Min 4 – max 6.


200 € per person (materials included)


Gemstones and Gold-filled 14 carats


  • Multilingual (EN, FR, IT, SP)
  • You choose the date and time.
  • I come to your place.
  • Tools and materials included.
  • A two-hours workshop.
  • Quality over quantity (a small group – 6 participants maximum).
  • Slow design approach.
  • Learning a technical and creative know-how.
  • A relaxed atmosphere, music, some fingers food and of course, a glass of Crémant!
  • A creative time between friends and/or colleagues afterwork.
  • PDF explanations.
  • Gemstones guide.
  • Easy and fun jewellery project.
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Her professional background in Psychology and Public Health convinced Verónica that handicrafts have benefits for our psychological wellbeing.


Her purpose is to help people learn self-expression and confidence through Crafts and inspire a love of Handmade. 

Slow design, sustainable, sense of contact, handmade and knowledge sharing, are the values that characterise ArteSana. 

If you would like to know more about this event and book a date, please fill in the form and we will contact you.

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